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The perk for signing up is now a free beverage but it may require one purchase before you get it. It used to be a free drink just for signing up but some people abused that when I worked for Caribou. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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The flamers are right -- this feels awkward and inappropriate given that 80 stores' worth of employees lose their jobs Monday. And hiding or scraping off comments instead of facing the criticism head-on is only creating more bad will among fans. All that aside, none of the angry customer or employee comments I've seen point to the larger issue: This is just the beginning of changes at Caribou, not the end.

A few points to consider:. More efficiency moves. The only people shocked by Caribou's mass closures and rebranding of a big chunk of stores to Peet's are those unfamiliar with the world of mergers and acquisitions. Benckiser last December.

Conglomerates buy companies for two primary reasons: 1 to clean them up, improve profits, and sell them off for huge profits or 2 to clean them up and improve profits so they can keep the asset and live off their newly fattened cash cow. Either way, cutting low-revenue stores tops the list of ways to improve profitability.

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Reflagging to a stronger brand is an obvious next step as well. Having previously acquired rival niche better-coffeehouse chain Peet's, it was an easy call that once Benckiser analyzed the two businesses, they would seek to streamline and close underperforming stores. We can see this first move as a sign they see Peet's as the stronger operator and brand -- and that doesn't bode well for Caribou's future.

They have more plans. The new corporate parent has only had a few months to delve into how these two coffee companies operate, so it's natural to expect that as they dig deeper, they will find more fat to trim. Key thing to know: This closure round is an initial move, not a final one.

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Comments I have my coffee at home, but meet various friends or go out with my hubby to Caribou, maybe once a month. While other MediaPost newsletters and articles remain free to all Rewards can be everyday items, special treats or discounts. That's the awkward position Caribou Coffee finds itself in this week, after announcing 80 closures Monday. However, you may purchase a Souvenir Bottle online at our best price when it goes on sale soon.

Peet's has already signaled as much. When I asked Peet's for comment, company spokeswoman Nicole Arena replied, "Peet's has no further comment today, but we will reach out to you in the next 30 to 45 days to brief you on Peet's plans.

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Franchisees are the wild card. The current round of Caribou closures affected only company-owned stores. Caribou has franchised units, and we've yet to hear their fate. With the company closures, Caribou's percentage of franchised units has increased, though. Benckiser is new to the franchising model, and may decide to buy out franchisees so they can gain more freedom to reflag or sell off the units.

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Sometimes when a merger involves a partly franchised chain, the franchise side is simply ignored or becomes a sidelight to more pressing issues. When Starbucks acquired Seattle's Best Coffee in , they had 27 franchise units and franchisees worried they'd be eliminated. A decade later, the International Franchise association reports SBC has grown to 80 franchise locations -- not exactly a red-hot growth opportunity, but franchisees have survived the merger.

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Since Benckiser hasn't made any moves on Caribou's franchisees yet and this chain has many more franchise units, this is still a big unknown that could affect a lot of Caribou fans, employees, and coffeehouse owners in future. What do you think about the Caribou closures, and what may be coming next for the chain? Leave a comment and share your view.